Data-X on Media Hopper

There is now a video in which you can watch Stuart Macdonald, Data-X Project Manager, presenting on the Data-X innovation project. This project displayed collaborative research data ‘installations’ through an exhibition pioneered by University of Edinburgh research students from across the university’s three colleges. Data is everywhere and available in infinite formats. The Data-X exhibition gave students a platform to develop interdisciplinary and collaborative work that intrigued, excited and sparked curiosity in the people that attended the event. The video, directed and produced by Vicente Noviello, introduces the research students behind the data ‘installations’ and their project concepts. Meet Siraj, Julia, Adela, Sophia, Lucas, Luis and Bohdan as they explain how research data can be presented in innovative ways to visualise for example climate data, how people move around complex cities, and how to control the input and output of data in a challenging and fun interactive game. See how everyday commercial objects, like a microwave, can be turned into the extraordinary and how a ‘music box’ can act as a mechanical device that produces melody. Throughout the video, the sounds created by the installations provide a poignant background and provide a further glimpse into the audio-visual and tactile exhibitions experienced by our peers and the public. Data-X demystified the world of research data, and explored how data is transforming our world. We thank our sponsors, the IS innovation fund, the research students and all collaborators for the success of the project. Enjoy!

Video link:

Project team
Project Manager – Stuart Macdonald
Exhibition Coordinator – Dr. Rocio von Jungenfeld
Data-X PhD interns:
Adela Rabell Montiel
Cindy Nelson-Viljoen
Scully Beaver Lynch
Siraj Sabihuddin